Tektronix 82A04 Phase Reference Module for the DSA8200

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The Tektronix 82A04 Phase Reference Module extends the capability of the DSA8200 digital serial analyzer sampling oscilloscope mainframe by providing extremely low jitter/low drift sample position information to the mainframe. This sample position information is based on the phase of a clock the user provides to the 82A04 input.

The benefits of using the sample position information based on a clock signal are two-fold – an extremely low jitter of

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Extremely Low Jitter <200 fsRMS (typical)
Flexible Operation

Un-triggered (Free-running) Acquisition Without Trigger Signal

Support for Enhanced Acquisition Modes (FrameScan®)
Wide and Continuous Frequency Range 2 GHz – 60 GHz
Small Module Implementation Allows:

Acquisition on Six Other Channels
Placement Close to the DUT with Module Extender Cable

Fast Acquisition Rate

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