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Global Test Equipment is a leader among electronic test equipment rental companies, supporting the complete equipment lifecycle with more than 50,000 test and measurement parts, accessories, manuals and software. GTE is a full-service company with more than 15 years in business providing equipment acquisition solutions which include buying new or used equipment, equipment leasing, and test equipment rental. We offer technicians with over 60 years of combined experience, dedicated to providing extraordinary customer service with cost-effective test equipment solutions.

Global Test Equipment Rental Options

Global Test Equipment’s Rental option provides a simple way to “try before you buy”, ensuring the specifications of your test equipment will suit all your needs. Our Rental program provides solutions to meet your surge capability needs and is beneficial in proof of concept testing. Renting from GTE provides many benefits including worry-free maintenance, we do it all for you with test-ready equipment and spare part, all with the latest technology.

Global Test Equipment offers various test equipment rental options to meet your requirements, with the following options available:

  • Rent to Own
  • Month to month
  • 3 – 36 month rental agreements

Equipment rentals can actually increase your borrowing power as they do not appear as a liability on your balance sheet, offering a better current ratio of assets to liabilities. Working with the most experienced of test equipment rental companies provides value through our industry knowledge and vast inventory of products and categories. When you need Signal Analyzers, Power Supplies, Meters, Signal Generators, Network Analyzers or Oscilloscope rentals, you can have confidence in our vast selection of high-quality electronic test equipment to meet your requirements.

GTE Experienced Among Test Equipment Rental Companies

Global Test Equipment provides in-depth industry knowledge among test equipment rental companies, understanding the needs of our customers and providing solutions with electronic test equipment rental options. Our test equipment rental services add value to our customers, providing various options to meet your many test and measurement equipment needs.
Global Test Equipment partners with our customers to provide value‐added, lifecycle solutions for the acquisition and management of test equipment and related services.

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    Global Test Equipment offers full-service equipment lifecycle support with acquisition, utilization, equipment upcycle and refresh solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our flexible rental programs from the industry leader among electronic test equipment rental companies.