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“We had a bunch of old test equipment that was only taking up precious warehouse space, Global Test Equipment made it easy to turn all of that equipment into revenue. We just sent them everything, they did the rest!  Now we have space AND the cash to reinvest in our business.”     
John Lindberg – Elite Electronic Engineering

Do you have excess or obsolete equipment and parts hidden in drawers, cabinets closets or racks?  These items have most likely been fully depreciated and flushed off your balance sheet.  Why not convert unused items into revenue to grow or increase your profitability?

Global Test Equipment will simplify the consignment process by providing you with full service from our experienced industry professionals, to convert your equipment into cash or credit. We can turn obsolete or excess parts, accessories, and manuals into revenue for your budget using our proven program. Our full-service consignment program eliminates your ongoing storage and personnel costs associated with keeping excess materials.

Global Test Equipment has 15 years in the business of exceeding our customer needs with support throughout the entire equipment life cycle. Our staff will provide flexible acquisition options, utilization services; such as calibration and repair, upcycle solutions with trade-in and consignment or trade-up opportunities to update technology and increasing efficiency. We provide cost-effective equipment solutions and to you throughout the lifespan of your equipment.

Global Test Equipment offers customized Equipment Remarketing programs designed to maximize return of capital with our comprehensive turn-key services!

  • Contact Global Test Equipment at 866-409-0400 or
  •  At your convenience, send us your equipment.  Free local pick up can be provided in the areas of Southern California, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Chicago, and Milwaukee. Once you have sent us your shipment, you can relax, our team will take care of the rest of the process.
  • Once your shipment arrives, our staff will clean, test, and add a warranty to your equipment, increasing its market value.
  • Global Test Equipment will perform customer interface and marketing functions confidentially to protect the privacy of your personal or company information.
  • Most importantly, you will eliminate unused or underutilized stock from your inventory and convert this inventory into extra revenue for your budget. Upcycle your equipment with GTE to realize a maximum return with our simple consignment program.
  • Global Test Equipment’s Program benefits include:
    • Our staff will provide an interface with our network of more than 400 industry experts and thousands of customers.
    • Listing of your equipment at the best marketable selling price to maximize your revenue back to you.
    • You retain the full title of your equipment until it sells, and can recall inventory at any time if your internal requirements change.
    • Monthly reporting of inventory, and current and total sales and revenue.
    • Revenue can be taken as a credit for equipment and service or can be returned as capital for your budget.

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