HP/Agilent 54656A RS-232 Test Automation Module

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The Agilent 54656A is an RS-232 test automation module. By adding this module to your 54600-series scope, you have added powerful automated testing and pass/fail capability through RS232.


Adds an RS-232 Interface and remote programming capability
Allows scopes to perform 100 sequence test without a computer
Signals are tested against masks and pass/fail branching can be programmed
Masks are easy to create with the built in mask editor
Modules with product numbers ending in “B” are compatible with 54600B-series scopes and the 54645A/D. Modules ending in “A” are compatible with all 54600 products. 54645A/D and the 54615B and 54616B/C use the 54655A and the 54656A for I/O only. Note that the 54620A/C logic analyzer can use any of these modules, but it uses the modules for I/0 only.

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