Tektronix 80C10 Optical Sampling Module, 40 Gb/s

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The Tektronix 80C10 module provides integrated and selectable reference receiver filtering, enabling conformance testing at either 1310 nm or 1550 nm for 39.813 Gb/s (OC-768/STM-256) and 43.018 Gb/s (43 Gb/s ITU-T G.709 FEC) rates. In addition to the filter rates, the user may also choose selectable bandwidths of 30 GHz, 65 GHz and 80 GHz for 80C10 for optimal noise vs. bandwidth performance for accurate signal characterization. The 80C10 is optionally available in a bundled ordering configuration which includes a 70+ GHz electrical sampling channel.

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Highest Optical Bandwidth Capability for Performance Testing and Signal Characterization of 40 Gb/s RZ or NRZ Data Formats

80 GHz Optical Bandwidth and Reference Receivers for Conformance Testing of 39.813 Gb/s (OC-768/STM-256) and 43.018 Gb/s (ITU-T G.709 FEC)

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