Amprobe DM-II Data Logger/Recorder

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The New DigiMatic II is an AC Data Logger/Recorder in a stand alone configuration. Data can be viewed in the field via its large self-contained backlit LCD display or can be accessed and downloaded through a personal computer

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Single or three phase capable
AC voltage 5 to 600 volts
AC current 1 to 1000 amperes
3 Channels for voltage measure ments and 4 channels for current measurements
Graphic display 160×160 pixel
All readings are True RMS
Power Measurements include: Watts, VA, Vars, PF(Power Factor)
Energy Measurements include: KW-HR’s, Demand or Non Demand
User selectable recording rates.
DM-II ViewT software allows downloading data to a personal computer running WindowsT 3.11/95 and NT environment.

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