Tektronix 370A Programmable Curve Tracer

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The Tektronix 370A is a high-performance, GP-IB programmable, digital storage curve tracer that provides static and dynamic semiconductor device testing. The instrumrnt stimulates, measures and displays the semiconductor characteristics of a variety of two-, three- and four-terminal devices; including bipolar transistors, field effect transistors, silicon-controlled rectifiers, diodes, thyristors, optoisolators, wafers integrated circuits, etc. A variety of measurements can be performed using either grounded-emitter or grounded-base configurations.

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High Precision Measurements of Semiconductor Devices
Up to 2000 Volts or 10 Amp Sourcing
Up to 220 Watts
1 Nanoamp Measurement Resolution
Down to 2 Millivolt Measurement Resolution
Waveform Comparison
Envelope Display
Waveform Averaging
Dot Cursor
Kelvin Sense Measurements
Fully Programmable
3.5 Inch MS DOS Compatible Disk Storage to Save and Recall Setups


Manual or Automated High Resolution DC
Parametric Characterization of Semiconductors
Incoming Inspection
Manufacturing Test
Process Monitoring and Quality Control
Data Sheet Generation
Component Matching
Failure Analysis

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