HP/Agilent 43521A Downconverter Unit, 10 MHz to 12.6 GHz

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The HP/Agilent 43521A Downconverter Unit is designed to operate with the Agilent 4352S VCO/PLL signal test system. When configured with the Agilent 43521A downconverter unit, the Agilent 4352S offers a dedicated and comprehensive VCO/PLL design and production measurement solution for manufacturers that must test at frequencies above 3GHz. The enhanced Agilent 4352S is a complete system that offers a frequency range from 10MHz to 12.6GHz and is capable of measuring phase noise, RF power, transients, settling time, and many more parameters required for VCO/PLL evaluations.

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All functions of 43521A are seamlessly integrated into 4352S user interface
Frequency Doubler which doubles the output signal of the signal generator as the local signal of the downconveter
Built-in Power Meter
600 MHz Oscillator for the local signal of the Agilent 4352B

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