WTI NPS-115 Remote Telnet + Network Power Switch

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The NPS-115 can be controlled over any TCP/IP network using generic Telnet, or out-of-band by using an external modem and basic VT100 type terminal emulation. Each independent outlet can be switched ON, OFF or Booted (OFF-delay-ON). Each outlet can also be assigned an individual password, device name, reboot delay time and unique power-up default state.

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Remote 115 VAC Power Control
Reboot Routers, Servers, DSU/CSU
Turn ON/OFF Any AC Powered Device via Telnet, Modem or Local Terminal


Eight (8) Individual Outlets
Dual 15-Amp circuits
Integrated 10-BaseT Interface
RS-232 Modem and Console Ports
Outlet-Specific Password Security
Network Security Features
Power-up Sequencing
Co-Location Features
Modem Auto-Setup Command Strings
Telnet or Terminal Emulation Software Controlled

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Weight 10 lbs

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