HP/Agilent E1852B Bluetooth Test Set

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The E1852B BluetoothT Test Set has the features needed to verify the functionality and performance of your Bluetooth T devices, with the ability to control the device under test through its RF interface. This low-cost standalone solution will establish a link with the device under test using standard BluetoothT protocol, supporting both normal and test modes allowing fast functional test and performance test. Key transmitter parameters of power, modulation, frequency error, frequency drift, and receiver sensitivity are measured. Additional features such as RF analyzer and RF generator functions together with clock and data outputs aid module calibration and diagnostics. Included with the test set is software for a PC-based graphical user interface, providing straightforward measurement set-up. Results are presented numerically and graphically and may also be saved to a log file making it easy to create defect reports or to capture results for further analysis. Automated test sequences are easily created and programming examples are provided. During the development lifecycle, the E1852B can be used to assess the performance of different vendors’ modules and help make an appropriate selection. As manufacturers move to integrate BluetoothT capability into their products, the E1852B will help verify the interoperability of the components and help get to a final design quickly. During the pre-qualification phase, BluetoothT qualification tests can be complex and time-consuming. Including the E1852B for in-house pre-qualification testing enables designers to identify failures early in the development cycle and speed time-to-market. In a manufacturing environment, the E1852B will establish a link with and control a BluetoothT device to ensure it is functional. It can also measure the performance of key parameters in loop-back and transmitter test mode to assure reliable interoperability with other BluetoothT devices. PlugNplay drivers are provided to help test development in a family programming environment. Both GPIB and parallel ports are supported in the E1852B to ensure smooth integration into test systems. Using the supplied software, test sequences can be automated for those repetitive or time-consuming measurements, ensuring product quality without compromising on throughput and costs.

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A low-cost, standalone solution – with just the measurement you need
Establishes a link using standard BluetoothT protocol
Fast functional test and performance test over the RF interface
Additional features aid module calibration and diagnostics
Qualified by the BluetoothT SIG

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