Tektronix CFG280 Function Generator, 11 MHz

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The Tektronix CFG280 Function Generator produces low distortion sine waves, square waves, triangle waves, TTL sync signals, positive and negative pulses, and ramp waveforms in a frequency range of 0.1 Hz to 11 MHz. You can also directly control amplitude and DC offset. The on-board counter allows the operator to set the frequency output of the function generator precisely. This versatile instrument conserves both bench space and budget.

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0.1 Hz to 11 MHz
1 Hz to 100 MHz Counter
Square, Triangle and Sine Waves; TTL Output
20 dB Attenuator
External Gate Input
VCF (FM) Input
AM 0 to 100% Input for External Sine Wave
Internal or External Frequency Sweep

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Weight 10 lbs