Tektronix AWG610 Arbitrary Waveform Generator, 2.6 GS/s

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As a premier member of the Tektronix family of arbitrary generators, the AWG 610 is an easy-to-use, high performance, flag-ship product. The AWG 610 provides the world’s fastest and deepest memory with its 2.6 GS/s sample clock rate and 8 Mega-points of execution memory. The AWG 610 provides up to 2 V output or 4 V into a differential input with the complementary output with 460 MHz bandwidth at normal mode (1 V output or 2 V into differential input with the complementary output with 875 MHz bandwidth at direct out), each with 8-Bits vertical resolution. The AWG 610 also provides 2-channels complementary 2.5 V variable marker (Tr/Tf :

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Arbitrary Waveform Generator
2.6 GS/s Sample Rate to Test High-speed Devices and Subsystem
1 Analog and 2 Digital Output Markers to Produce Complex Mixed
Analog and Digital Signals
8 M Point Record Length for Long Signal Playtimes
8-bit Vertical Resolution for Precise Signal Replication
Analog Bandwidth to Over 800 MHz
EZ Function Generator Mode Allows Quick Creation and Edit of Sine,
Square, Triangle, Ramp, Pulse and DC Waveforms
Waveform Quick Editor with up to 400 fs Edge Timing Resolution
Delivers Output Edge Control with Greater Timing Precision
Real-time Sequencing Creates Infinite Waveform Loops, Jumps, Patterns
and Conditional Branches
Built-in Read Channel and Data Pattern Editing Capability
GPIB and LAN (10Base-T) Interfaces
Built-in Hard Drive for Mass Data Storage

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