NEW Anritsu MG3740A Analog Signal Generator

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• Analog Signal Generator supporting frequencies of 100 kHz to 2.7/4/6 GHz
• High-Purity Signal Source for Testing Analog Radio
• Built-in AM/FM/ΦM/Pulse Modulation Function [Standard]
• Two RF outputs using Dual-RF [Option]
• Expansion to Narrowband Digital Modulation Signal Generator [Option]

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The MG3740A Analog Signal Generator has excellent RF specifications, including SSB Phase Noise, output level, etc., and versatile modulation functions (AM/FM/ΦM/Pulse). The MG3740A is the ideal solution for high-purity signal source for testing analog radio Rx characteristics. Moreover, adding the digital modulation option supports generation of narrowband digital modulation signals.
Supports Narrowband Digital as well as CW and Analog Modulations

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