Modulation Sciences SRD-1 Stereo Reference Decoder

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The industry standard for MTS test and measurement. Certified compliance to BTSC standards can be used with any TV stereo generator. Provides four modes of operation. Maintains performance with varying temperature.

SRD-1 sets the standard for precision MTS test and measurement. The SRD-1 stereo reference decoder is the most accurate monitor on the market. It works with test equipment your station probably already owns, so it costs less than other, less precise test equipment.

Modulation Sciences has designed the SRD-1 with painstaking detail and individually calibrates each production model in basic units: voltage, frequency and phase. Verifying the original calibration requires only an audio oscillator, frequency counter and an accurate AC digital voltmeter.

Station personnel can calibrate the SRD-1 to verify its performance to BTSC Recommended Practices (Appendix D). When an SRD-1 is used to calibrate any television stereo generator, it provides traceability to the BTSC standards.

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Only the SRD-1 gives you proof by direct user measurement. And only the SRD-1 gives you verified performance by documentation. Modulation Sciences used the services of an independent professional engineer whose certified report verifies the SRD-1’s performance and details the measurement procedure. You can put your trust in the SRD-1.

Four operating modes for added versatility
Select any of four operating modes from front panel push buttons in order to examine the transmitted signal in every possible way.

1.1. BTSC Mode: Left and Right outputs.

1.2. BTSC Mode: Sum and Difference outputs

1.3. Equivalent Mode: Left and Right outputs

1.4. Equivalent Mode: Sum and Difference outputs

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