Laser Precision RK-5710 Single Channel Power Meter

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The Rk-5700 Series Power Meters feature a highcontrast, backlit, alphanumeric LCD display, dual use numeric/function keys, and power switch. The Rk-5710 single channel instrument continuously shows the Channel A power in engineering notation, along with a digital bargraph. An enunciator indicates whether the instrument is in local or remote (GPIB enabled) mode. The power can be displayed in absolute units (Watts) or relative units (dBm).

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Laser power meter for pyroelectric, silicon, and thermopile probes. Radiometry, total laser power (cw and average), and irradiance measurements from UV to far-IR, pW to kW, depending on sensor. Resolution 0.005% with RkP probes, 0.03% with other probes. 0.5% accuracy. Integrated lock-in amplifier circuitry for synchronous detection of chopped optical signals, improving both S/N ratio and background rejection. An IEEE-488 GPIB interface, analog outputs, background cancel, autorange, and backlit LCD display are standard features.



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Weight 10 lbs
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