Boonton 4500A Dual Channel Sampling Power Analyzer

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With its associated sensors, Boonton’s Model 4500A delivers comprehensive power envelope analysis in applications such as digital communications, HDTV, digital audio broadcast,cellular radio, secure communications and spread spectrum analysis. The model 4500A features a full-color CRT with menu-driven operation, wiht context-sensitive help, plotter output of the screen display, full support for DOS/Windows-compatible disk drive, and IEEE-488 support of all functions. Features: Measurement peak and average power Dynamic mesurement display > 60 dB Measurement range from -40dBm to +20 dBm Fast signal capture Superior accuracy over 1 MHz to 40 GHz range Statistical sampling including: CDF, 1-CDF, PDF Cumulative distribution function (CDF) Probability distributio function (PDF) Complex triggering not required Detailed, easy-to-understand menu system Setup and Waveform Storage PC Compatible, 1.44MB Floppy IEEE-488 interface for ATE applications.

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>60dB dynamic measurement display
-40 to +20dBm measurement range
Fast signal capture
Superior accuracy over 30MHz to 40GHz range
Cumulative distribution function
Probability density function
Complex triggering not required

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Weight 42 lbs