TTi 1906 Computing Multimeter, 5.5 Digit

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The TTi 1906 is a true 5.5 digit meter with a scale length of ± 210,000 counts. This gives it not just superior resolution relative to 4.5 digit meters, but much higher effective accuracy as well. With a maximum resolution of 1mV, 1mW and 1nA, the 1906 is ten times more sensitive than a 4.5 digit meter. This extra senstivity enables accurate measurements to be made in areas previously impossible such as thermocouple junctions, switch contact resistance or capacitor leakages. The 1906 provides True RMS ac response which gives accurate measurements regardless of the waveform shape. The wide bandwidth voltage attenuator provides high accuracy within the audio band and gives extended response to avoid distortion when measuring switching waveforms.

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5½ digits (±210,000 counts), auto/manual range
1µV, 1nA, 1mOhm resolution, 0.012% accuracy
Wide range of computing functions included
Automatic data logging functions included
Integral True RMS AC converter
Isolated addressable RS232 interface standard
Model with GPIB (IEEE-488) interface available

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Weight 24 lbs

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