Lakeshore 420 Gaussmeter w/Probe

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The Lakeshore 420 measures fields from 3 mG (0.3 μT) to 300 kG (30T), in either gauss or tesla. Perform and monitor most operations through the front panel keypad and message display. The display has a resolution of 4-characters.

The gaussmeter measures both DC and AC field values. In DC operation, it displays the field at the probe with the sign (orientation), followed by appropriate field units. In AC operation, it displays a RMS value for the field at the probe. The DC and AC values are available over the Serial I/O Computer Interfaces and also the Corrected Analog Output. The Monitor Analog Output displays actual magnetic field waveform.

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• Field Measurement: – DC Accuracy: ±0.45% of Reading ±0.05% of Range.
– Auto Range.
– DC or AC Field Measurement.
– Individual Linearization of Hall Probes.
• Alphanumeric Display: – 4-character, 1 Part In 3,000 Resolution On All Ranges.
– 2 Line by 16 Character Backlighted Liquid Crystal Display.
• Other Operating Functions: – Gauss or Tesla Units.
– Max Hold.
– Relative Reading.
• Interface: – Serial Interface (RS-232C Electrical Format).
– Corrected and Monitor Analog Outputs.
• Probe Compatibility: – High Stability Probes (HST) – 300 G to 300 kG Full-Scale Ranges.
– High Sensitivity Probes (HSE) – 30 G to 30 kG Full-Scale Ranges.
– Ultra High Sensitivity Probes (UHS) – 300 mG to 30 G Full-Scale

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Weight 15 lbs