Keytek ESD-1 2000 Series Electrostatic Discharge Simulation Test System

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The KeyTek Series 2000 ESD hand-held or tripod-mounted test system provides a combination of performance characteristics that enable users to test to various ESD standards including IEC, ANSI, SAE and MIL-STD.

Interchangeable discharge networks, current injection adapters, and tips all plug directly into the discharger’s barrel, and facilitate testing to a broad range of ESD test methodologies to help users achieve market and company-driven quality objectives, and regulatory standrads.

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An ESD simulator for today and tomorrow
With a wide range of features and available options, the KeyTek Series 2000 is a versatile and non-obsolescent ESD simulation system for product designers and manufacturers seeking to achieve ongoing market or company-driven quality standards.

The basic system is compromised of two interconnected units: the ESD-1 Discharger (or gun) that may be either hand-held or tripod mounter, and its associated Power Supply Control Unit PSC-1. The ESD-1 Discharger contains a basic handle, polarity switch, high voltage set knob, a Digital Stored Voltage Monitor (DVM), and an audible discharge monitor that informs user when a discharge has occurred. The Power Supply/Control Unit includes selectors for repetition rates, charge rate and burst/normal modes.

Flexible, highly controllable test operations
With built-in capability for continously selectable voltages from 0 to 25kV (positive and negative), an in-depth library of interchangeable plug-in discharge networks, available air discharge test options, and programmable repetitive or single-shot operating modes, the KeyTek Series 2000 makes it easy to do ESD testing to multiple standards.

• Continuously selectable voltage from 0 to 25kV, positive and negative
• Interchangeable discharge networks, current injection adapters & tips for ESD testing to multiple standards
• Contact mode and air discharge testing including auxiliary adapters for air discharge generation & all five of its basic components
• Single shot or programmable repetitive operating modes
• Hand-held or tripod-mounted operation
• Versatile, non-obsolescent design

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Those stupid cases are supposed to have these inside: ( I need to know if both cases make up this list, or 1 case is missing a ton of stuff. Can you bring them back and go through them with me? Anytime is fine, no hurry.

• KeyTek ESD-1 Electrostatic Discharge Simulator (BC# 21215)
• KeyTek PSC-1 Power Supply/Control Unit (BC# 21217)
• KeyTek DN-6 Discharge Network (BC# 21222)
• GCS-1 Discharge Cable
• KeyTek DN-10 Discharge Network (BC# 21216)
• GCL-1 Discharge Cable
• KeyTek FT-10 DN Spacer / Proximity Tip
• KeyTek FA/CIA-20 Fast Approach Current Injection Adapter
• KeyTek DT-1 IEC Ball Discharge Tip
• KeyTek DT-2 Corona And Field-Enhancement Tip
• KeyTek DT-3 Wedge, Simulating Tool
• Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Protection Test Handbook
• 15-Pin Female To 15-Pin Male Interface Cable
• Bench Clamp
• HT-10 Adapter w/ DT-4 Adapter
• TC-50 BNC Cable
• Power Cord
• Hard Copy User Manual
• Hard Carrying Case

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