HP/Agilent E8312A Pulse/Pattern Generator, 330 MHz VXI C-1

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The Agilent E8312A, 330 MHz VXI C-1 pulse/pattern generator can be used for a wide variety of applications including – functional verification of high-speed digital or mixed-signal devices – clock generation for synchronization of an automated test system – radar testing – flash memory test – serial bus testing The module offers highly accurate signals. The timing parameters can be adjusted for every amplitude or offset level to meet any specification. A fixed trigger-in to signal-out delay and variable delay ranges, enable highly reliable and stable synchronization of test systems even at very precise points in time, such as those used in radar testing. You can easily integrate the two new pulse/pattern generators into manufacturing test environments because the modules come equipped with VXIplug&play software drivers. Also, they are compatible with Agilent’s box pulse generators (81100 and 8110A), already used in many laboratories handling R&D and quality test applications, making it easy to transition test routines from lab to production site. Serial patterning capabilities at up to 16Kbits per channel permit you to simulate complex protocols, using pre-configured standard formats such as RZ, NRZ, DNRZ or PRBS. Pulse-width modulated signals, such as those used for testing regulating circuits, also can be easily programmed and emulated. Their variable transition times guarantee that rise and fall measurements are fully adjustable, thereby avoiding spikes, cross talk and ringing when logic designs are tested at low speeds (10 MHz to 100 MHz). Inverted outputs allow you to generate differential signals for testing high-speed (>100 MHz) buses based on LVDS (Low Voltage Differential Signaling) technology for other specialized computer and communications applications.

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Dual-channel pulse/pattern generator
330 MHz, 3.8 V, 50 Ohm into 50 Ohm
VXI C-size, 1-Slot, register based
Two output channels: SMA (f) 3.5 mm, differential
16 Kbit patterns per channel
Fast transition times: 0.8 ns or 1.6 ns selectable
Functionally compatible with the Agilent 81110A
Broad range of trigger and synchronization capabilities

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