Keysight E6020A Fiber Break Locator Mainframe

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Step by step easy navigation with Fiber Break Assistant to guide technician to the break quickly.
Easily understood error messages to help resolve problems quickly.
Traffic detection protects your equipment
Fiber vendor selection table for fool-proof fiber break locator setting
Crisp and clear display of fiber break location
Easy save mode of test results to floppy disk or Flashdisk

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Agilent specifically addresses the needs of maintenance technicians with its Fiber Break Locator. It can find faults in the network up to 150 km (94 miles) away, accurate within one meter. It offers guided online operation and online help to help inexperienced users become trained and proficient faster.

The Fiber Break Locator is rugged, lightweight and portable. Designed for both inside and outside plant use, it features a brilliant display and a convenient carrying case. A full range of connectors and accessories is also available.

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Weight 42 lbs