HP/Agilent 81980A Compact Tunable Laser Source, 1465-1575nm

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Agilent’s 81980A high power compact tunable lasers enable optical device characterization at high power levels and measurement of nonlinear effects. They improve the testing of all types of optical amplifiers and other active components as well as broadband passive optical components. As single slot plug-in modules for Agilent’s 8163A, 8163B, 8164A, 8164B, 8166A and 8166B mainframes, they are a flexible and cost effective stimulus for single channel and DWDM test applications. Each module covers a total wavelength range of 110 nm in the S+C-band.

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High optical output power: +13 dBm
Wide tuning range: 1465nm-1575nm
Built-in wavemeter for excellent accuracy: +/-20pm
Built-in coherence control
Stimulated Brillioun scattering suppression

81980A Benefits:

Provides the stimulus power needed to test today’s optical amplifiers, which reduces the need to add booster amplifiers.
The wide tuning range of 110nm allows characterization of the DUTs in adjacent wavelength bands SC and CL with one sweep.
The built-in wavemeter eliminates the need for external wavelength monitoring, which reduces measurement uncertainties.
The built-in coherence control feature avoids problems with stimulated Brillioun Scattering (SBS) and interference effects generated by unwanted cavities
Test non-linear effects in fibers and transmission links

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