HP/Agilent E4406A Vector Signal Analyzer

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The E4406A VSA transmitter tester is a full-featured vector signal analyzer ideally suited for base station and mobile handset manufacturing, with additional applications for design and development of wireless equipment. The E4406A VSA offers high performance in-band and spectrum measurements for multiple 2G, 2.5G and 3G wireless communications formats with powerful one-button standard-based measurements, and the best combination of speed and accuracy. Its speed and affordable price make it well suited for volume production. Extensive one-button measurement personalities, superior accuracy and optional baseband IQ input provide unparalleled convenience for research and development applications.
The E4406A VSA is easy to use regardless of your level of expertise. Measurements are accessible at the touch of a button and are easily configured with the simple, straightforward menu structure. The VSA comes standard with the following measurement capabilities: spectrum (frequency domain) analysis, waveform (time domain) analysis, adjacent channel power (ACP), complimentary cumulative distribution function (CCDF), channel power, occupied bandwidth, and link capability to the 89601A vector signal analysis software.

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  • Multiple domain analysis for frequency domain, time domain and code domain
  • One-button standard-based measurement personalities
  • Pass/fail test capability with built-in test limits for manufacturing
  • Up to three times faster measurement speed than a typical spectrum analyzer
  • Baseband IQ input option (5 Hz to 10 MHz, balanced and unbalanced) to
    analyze the complete signal path of components and devices (receiver or
  • Link to 89601A vector signal analysis software, enabling users to control
    and directly extract data from the E4406A for flexible demodulation analysis
    on a PC
  • Key Specifications

  • Frequency range: 7 MHz to 4 GHz (RF input) and 5 Hz to 10 MHz (option
    B7C baseband I/Q input: 50O unbalanced, 600O & 1MO balanced)
  • Absolute amplitude accuracy at 1 GHz: ±0.6 dB
  • Displayed average noise level at 1GHz: -136 dBc/Hz
  • Dynamic range (3rd order) at 1 GHz: 102 dB


Part Number Description
  Power Cord
E4406-90109 Programming Commands
E4406-90176 Programmer’s Guide
E4406-90177 User’s Guide
E4406-90256 Messages and Functional Tests
E4406-90266 Specifications Guide


Option Description
BAC CDMA 1 Measurement Personality
BAE NADC/PDC Measurement Personalities
BAF W-CDMA Measurement Personality
BAH GSM Measurement Personality
B78 CDMA 2000 Measurement Personality
B7C Baseband IQ Measurment Personality
HN1 iDEN Measurement Personality
202 EDGE (with GSM) Measurement Personality
252 Retrofit EDGE to existing GSM Measurement Personailty
300 321.4 MHz IF Output
0BV Component Level Service Documentation
0BW Assembly Level Service Documentation
1CM Rack Mount Kit (5063-9215)
1CN Handle Kit (5063-9228)
1CP Rack Mount with Handles Kit (5063-9222)
1CR Rack Slide Kit (E4406-60115)

Additional information

Weight 81 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in


Model Number


Dyanamic Range

102 dB

Frequency Low Khz


Low Frequency