HP/Agilent E2668A InfiniiMax Connectivity Kit for Single-Ended Measurements

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The Agilent E2668A connectivity kit is designed to be used with the InfiniiMax 1130 Series probe amplifiers for single-ended measurements. Includes one single-ended browser, one solder-in probe head and one socketed probe head. Includes all necessary accessories.

Kit Includes:


E2668A Single-ended Connectivity Accessories Supplied

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Item                            Description                                                                                        Supplied     Supplied

 Solder-in single-ended probe head kit consists of the                           E2679A


S1                               Solder-in single-ended probe head                                     1             01130-62101

S2          Resistor for solder-in single-ended probe                           16                                       01131-81510

head (full bandwidth, 91 ohm)

S3          Resistor for solder-in single-ended probe                           24            01131-81504

head (full and medium bandwidth, 0 ohm)

S4          Resistor for solder-in single-ended probe                           8             01131-81506

head (medium bandwidth, 150 ohm)

91 ohm resistor template                                                    2              01131-94311

150 ohm resistor template                                                  2              01131-94308


Socketed differential probe head kit consists of                                   E2678A

S5          Socketed differential probe head                                        1              01131-62105

S6          Resistor for socketed differential probe head                      48            01130-81506

full bandwidth, 82 ohm)

S7          Socket for 25 mil (25/1000 inch) square pins,                         4              01131-85201

female on both ends

S8          25 mil female socket w/20 mil round male pin on other end   4                 01131-85202

S9         Heatshrink tubing for square pin socket accessories              4             01130-41101

S10       160 ohm damped wire accessory                                         6             01130-21302

82 ohm resistor template                                                         1             01131-94309


Single-ended browser kit consists of                                                    E2676A

S11                Single-ended browser                                                    1             01130-60007

S12              Resistive tip for single-ended browser (blue)                         10                                           01131-62102

S14            Ground collar assembly for single-ended browser                  2             01130-6000.5

S15      Ergonomic handle                                                            1             01130-43202

S16      Socketed ground lead 6 inches                                              1             5063-2120



Single-ended browser probe head and ergonomic handle

Single-ended socketed probe heads
Single-ended solder-in probe heads

Agilent HP Keysight E2668A InfiniiMax Connectivity Kit for Single-Ended Measurements

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 4 in

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