HP/Agilent 1158A 4 GHz Active Probe

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The Agilent 1158A 4 GHz active probe offers R & D engineers the performance they need to probe small geometries in hard-to-reach areas on the DUT. These probes were designed specifically for the Infiniium Series oscilloscopes. As the speeds in your design increase, you may notice more overshoot, ringing, and other perturbations. when connecting an oscilloscope probe. Probes form a resonant circuit where they connect to the device. If this resonance is within the bandwidth of the oscilloscope probe you are using, it will be difficult to determine if the measurement perturbations are due to your circuit or the probe. Agilent is the only company that has overcome the resonance formed by the connection of a probe to a device. The Agilent 1158A probes optimize performance to make your job easier. Combined with the Agilent 54846A Infiniium scope, the 1158A 4 GHz probe offers you a full 2.25 GHz of system bandwidth, giving you accurate insight into your high-speed devices.


4 GHz bandwidth
Small size makes probing easier
88 ps rise time
100 k-ohm, 0.8 pF, non-resonant input
+/-15 V offset
5 V peak-to-peak dynamic range
Accessories designed for minimal loading on your device and optimum response
AutoProbe interface compatible

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Weight 0.8 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 1 in

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