HP/Agilent E1406A VXI GPIB Command Module USED

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The Agilent E1406A Command Module is a C-size, 1-slot VXI message-based commander that provides Slot 0 and Resource Manager function. It can act as a VMEbus system controller and GPIB (IEEE-488)-to-VXIbus interface device for transparently communicating with any manufacturers message-based VXI modules. The E1406A Command Module has FLASH memory for downloadable drivers, so you can program Agilent register-based devices using the high-level SCPI programming language. It also translates SCPI commands for register-based instruments and therefore, makes these VXI devices as easy to program as message-based instruments

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1-Slot, C-size, message-based commander
GPIB, RS-232, Slot 0, and Resource Manager
Up to 2 MB RAM
MXIbus protocol support for high throughput
Agilent VIC, VXI Installation Consultant-fast/easy set-up

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