HP/Agilent E1401B C-Size VXI, High-Power Mainframe, 13-Slot

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13-Slot, C-size
High peak and dynamic currents
Ultra-reliable power supply
Easy to service while mounted in a test rack
MTTR 5 minutes for power supply or fans
Improved, uniform airflow

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The Agilent E1401B is Agilent Technologies most compact, medium-power, high-performance C-size, 13-slot VXI mainframe. Ample dynamic and peak currents are available for most power-hungry applications.

The E1401B is well suited for applications that require high-density instrumentation. The E1401B complies with the VXI plug&plays specification, and an optional rack mount kit is available for attaching VXI plug&play-defined interconnect fixtures. This mainframe also complies with the VXI Specification by providing injector surface rails used by the Agilent QUIC easy module insertion and extraction system. Agilent industry-leading Pressurized Air Channel cooling technology is integrated into this C-size mainframe.

This mainframe provides for easy airflow and power supply serviceability via the rear panel. The backplane features solid state automatic daisy-chain jumper connections for VMEbus grant and interrupt acknowledge lines, eliminating the need for hand selection of switch settings. It is also compatible with the Agilent backplane connector shield kit (p/n E1400-80920).

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Weight 28 lbs