HP/Agilent 8657A Synthesized Signal Generator, 100 kHz to 1040 MHz

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The Agilent 8657A offers excellent performance at an economical price. The low residual FM and excellent phase noise performance of these signal generators make them ideal for many in-channel and even out-of-channel receiver tests. The Agilent 8657A is a versatile signal generator offering a variety of features, such as simultaneous and mixed modulation combinations of AM and FM, as well as a carrier phase adjust capability that allows you to characterize phase-sensitive devices. In addition, the Agilent 8657A offers a wide output range, +13 to -143.5 dBm, with superior level accuracy of ±1.0 dB. Built for reliability, the Agilent 8657A uses an all-electronic attenuator, which is backed with a five-year warranty to ensure that you will make consistent, repeatable measurements every time.

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Wide frequency coverage, 100 kHz to 1040 MHz
Electronic attenuator
< 35 ms frequency switching speed
AM and FM capabilities
±1 dB level accuracy (typically ±0.5 dB)
Amplitude offset and phase adjustment capabilities
0.3 GMSK Modulation Option

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