HP/Agilent 85962A (CaLan 3010R) Sweep/SLM Plus Cable TV Data Management with Option 052

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This unit includes Option 052 Dual Path Sweep.

The Agilent/HP 85962A CaLan 3010R SLM Plus is a field-rugged, easy-to-use signal measurement device that maintains accuracy in all environmental conditions. The unit comes with a standard frequency range of 5 MHz to 1 GHz and four modes of operation: single channel, four channel, spectrum scan, and a time-saving channel scan (60 channels in less than 2 seconds). This portable field instrument includes forward sweep, return sweep and SLM capabilities. The 3010R can also function as a headend unit for troubleshooting intermittent problems in specific network segments. These functions may be dedicated or combined to allow forward and return sweep in a single unit (Option 052).
Agilent’s accessCable system works with CaLan 3010 products to automatically scan and monitor interactive cable networks, identify and report return path problems and support remote troubleshooting and field maintenance.


Carrier measurements: 5 to 1000MHz
Level measurements: -45dBmV to 70dBmV
Distortion measurements
Ingress measurements
Data management
Measures 165 channels in 3.6 seconds
Automatic 24-hour measurements
Differential level comparison
Field replaceable type-F input and output connector
Ruggedized weatherproof construction
File server (90 files), graphic or tabular
Measures scrambled channels accurately
8 preprogrammed frequency plans
4 user-definable frequency plans
Instant review of system response
Single Channel Measurement mode
Four Channel Adjustment mode
Channel Scan mode
Spectrum Scan mode for distortion testing
Screen printing of any screen
Normalized mode
Formalized reports
Large format graphical LCD display
Parallel printer interface
Dual Aural Carrier functionUser-definable C/N bandwidth
dBμV and dBmV switchable
FCC pass/fail report writer including 24-hour report
Return path ingress measurement
Digital power measurement
Instrument cloning

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