HP/Agilent 85062B 2-port MW Electronic Calibration (ECal) Module, 1 to 26 GHz

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The Agilent 85062B MW electronic calibration module provides repeatable, accurate measurements while bringing convenience and simplicity to your daily calibration routine. ECal replaces the traditional calibration technique which uses mechanical standards. With mechanical standards, you are required to make numerous connections to the test ports for a single calibration. These traditional calibrations require intensive operator interaction, which is prone to errors. With ECal, a full two-port calibration can be accomplished with a single connection of the ECal module and minimal operator interaction. This results in more repeatable calibrations and less wear on the connectors–and on you. Calibrations for noninsertable devices are equally convenient and straight-forward. ECal modules are controlled manually or automatically via the Agilent 85097A PC Interface Module with control software. Please reference the Agilent 85097A for additional information as well as computer requirements.

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Full two-port calibration with a single-connection for easy calibrations
Precision slotless connectors provide greater measurement accuracy and
repeatability than standard connectors
Simple user interface
Compatible with Agilent network analyzers
Straight-forward noninsertable calibrations

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