HP/Agilent 8504B Precision Reflectometer

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The Agilent 8504B precision reflectometer provides state-of-the-art lightwave reflection measurements. Individual reflections are measured and displayed as a function of distance or position. Return loss measurements beyond 80 dB are achievable, even when larger reflections are present in the measurement path. Two reflections can be closer than 25 µm (equivalent distance in air) and still be individually identified. Engineers and scientists now have a tool to precisely locate, identify, and quantify individual reflections within lightwave components and assemblies. Designs are optimized easily in the development phase. In product manufacturing, problems are solved quickly as even very small faults and discontinuities are found easily. Calibrated measurements are performed in seconds using a simple user interface and a rapid scan rate.

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Return loss measurement range beyond 80 dB
25 µm two-event resolution (in air, 16 µm in glass)
1300 and 1550 nm wavelengths
1 mm to 400 mm scan widths

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