HP/Agilent 83558A Millimeter-Wave Source Module, 75 GHz to 110 GHz

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The Agilent 83558A millimeter-wave source module, one of a series of Agilent millimeter-wave source modules, can be driven by a variety of Agilent microwave sources providing millimeter-wave test signals for waveguide bands from 75 to 110 GHz. In addition, the Agilent 83558A millimeter-wave source module offers leveled high output power, full waveguide band frequency coverage, and the high frequency accuracy and resolution of the driving microwave source. Leveled output power from the Agilent 83558A is rated at +0 dBm and can permit the source module to serve as a mixer LO in some applications and also expands the available dynamic range in frequency response measurements.

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75 to 110 GHz frequency range
High accuracy and resolution
Leveled high output power
Can be driven by many Agilent microwave sources
Low entry cost

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