HP/Agilent 83440B DC-6 GHz Lightwave Converter

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The Agilent 83440B features hermetically sealed, unamplified InGaAs photodiodes. Input port has universal optical interface that is compatible with most optical connectors (9/125 um fiber). Output ports have a precision 3.5 mm microwave coaxial connector. The Agilent 83440B Option 050 is terminated in 50 ohms to prevent reflections between the receiver’s output and an Agilent 87441 filter’s input to maintain the fourth-order Bessel-Thomson response.

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Fast 73 ps Full-Width Half-Max (FWHM) pulse response
Broad 6 GHz bandwidth (3 dB opt)
Small, convenient package
Low pulse aberrations
Integral bias regulation
Ideal for high-speed digitizing oscilloscopes

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