HP/Agilent 83411C 6GHz Lightwave Receiver with Option 012

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The Agilent 83411C Ligthwave Receiver is designed for 1300/1550nm wavelength ranges. It can be used as a stand-alone lightwave receiver or in conjunction with the Agilent 8702E Lightwave Component Analyzer. It features a broad bandwidth of 300kHz to 6GHz. The minimum sensitivity of the receiver is -38dBm

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Wavelength: 1300 nm / 1550 nm
Maximum Average Power: 3 mW
Responsivity at 50 MHz: 0.45 A/W, -7 dBe nominal
Demodulation Frequency Response, Uncorrected: 300 kHz to 6 GHz: ± 2.0 dB, 3 to 6 GHz: ±2.5 dB
Demodulation Frequency Response, Corrected: ± 1.5 dB, ± 0.7 dB typical
Compatible Fiber: 9 / 125 µm
Used with the HP / Agilent 8702B Lightwave Component Analyzer

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