HP/Agilent 81600B Tunable Laser Source Module

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The Agilent 81600B Tunable Laser Source Module is the most versatile and high performance tunable laser source on the market. It allows WDM developers and manufacturers to dramatically reduce test cost, and increase profits by quick return-on-investment. The Agilent 81600B enables the most precise characterization of advanced optical components with its fast and accurate sweep across the entire wavelength range and specified accuracy during the sweep. Signal output with low spontaneous emission (SSE) permits measurement of filters with highest dynamic range.

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Highest measurement range through low spontaneous source emission
(low SSE), Signal to SSE Ratio >70 dB/nm
Variable sweep speed up to 80nm/s
Wide tuning range units cover all transmission bands: 1260nm-1640nm
Built-in high performance 60dB attenuator
Built-in wavemeter with excellent wavelength-accuracy +/-3.6pm

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