HP/Agilent 70907B External Mixer Interface Module

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The Agilent 70907B external mixer interface module (EMIM) is the interface needed to use the Agilent 11974 series preselected millimeter mixers with Agilent 70000 modular spectrum analyzers. The 70907B provides the 11974 mixers with a swept LO signal and a tune and span signal. The 11974 mixers return an IF signal to the 70907B, where it is converted to 21.4 MHz and output to an IF module. The 70907B external mixer interface module is also compatible with the 11970 series millimeter mixers, which extend to 110 GHz, and with millimeter mixers from other manufacturers, which extend to 325 GHz. (Other mixer series are not preselected.) An Agilent 70907A can be upgraded to the 70907B with the Agilent 70907A K74 upgrade kit. The kit can be installed by the customer in about one hour. The Agilent 70000 LO module (70900A or B) must meet certain date code requirements.

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Provides the Agilent 11974 preselected mixers with a swept LO signal and a tune and span signal
Compatible with the Agilent 11970 series preselected millimeter mixers
Allows multiple external mixers to be selected with softkeys

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