HP/Agilent 66000A Modular Power System with Options 834/909

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The Agilent 66000A modular power system simplifies test-system assembly, cabling programming, debugging, and operation. It is ideal for ATE and production test environments, where it can supply bias power and stimulus to subassemblies and final products. The Agilent modular power system saves rack space. The 66000A 7-in high (4-EIA units) mainframe can accommodate up to eight dc power modules.

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High density: eight slots in 7 inches of rack space
Output sequencing
Low ripple and noise
High-accuracy read-back of voltage and current over GPIB
Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments (SCPI)
Optional keyboard and display unit
Serial link to connect two mainframes at one GPIB address
Optional isolation and polarity-reversal relays
Built-in self-test

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Weight 42 lbs