HP/Agilent 5371A Frequency and Time Interval Analyzer

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The Agilent 5371A frequency and time interval analyzer is a general-purpose modulation domain analyzer that captures frequency or time intervals at extremely high speeds. The 5371A combines a choice of over 60 arming and triggering configurations with built-in analysis including math, statistics, and limit testing. The 5371A uses a continuous measurement time sampling technique to quickly capture and display data. By eliminating reset time, measurement throughput is dramatically increased to more than 10 million measurements per second with a frequency range of up to 500 MHz.
The 5371A can help you analyze jitter effects, characterize the transient and steady state responses of a VCO, examine frequency or phase modulation, measure frequency stability, analyze computer peripherals, or measure fast hopping radio signals.

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Calculated Allan Variance specifies frequency stability in the time
Broad selection of measurements
Quick and easy-to-use push button analysis
Graphic display and histograms add visual meaning to numbers
Excellent single-shot 10-digit resolution at 150 ps rms
Fast HP-IB throughput with up to 20,000 measurements per second
Calculated Allan Variance
Many applications specify frequency stability by Allan Variance. Allan
and Root Allan Variances are calculated and displayed directly, along
with traditional statistical parameters. Frequency to 500 MHz is measured
with zero dead time, assuring no lost information in the Allan Variance
Broad selection
Measurements include frequency and period; time interval, +/- time interval,
and continuous time interval; positive or negative pulse width; rise or
fall time; duty cycle; totalize; phase; and peak amplitude.
Quick and easy
Built-in statistics and analysis mean that you do not have to send data
to a computer or write analysis software.

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