HP/Agilent 4934A Transmission Impairment Measuring Set (TIMS)

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The 4934A is a Transmission Impairment Measuring Set for installation and maintenance of voiceband data, wideband data, program and dds local loop circuits. It features a choice of C-message, 3 kHz flat, 15 kHz flat, program, and 50 kbit filters as well as a choice of impedances.

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Level/frequency 20 Hz to 110 kHz
Noise and noise-to-ground
Noise-with-tone and signal-to-noise
Three-level pulse noise
IEEE 743-1984 North American Measurement standard
Transmit/receive connectors: WECO 310
90-126 Vac; 48-66 Hz operation; battery operation >4 hours with option 001
Weight: 9 lb; Size: 105 mm (4.13 in)H x 280 mm (11.0 in)W x 355 mm (14.0 in)D

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Weight 10 lbs