Keysight 3852A Data Acquisition and Control System

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This unit has 1 Meg Memory and comes with 3852A Data Acquisition and Control System with 1 Meg Memory and (2) 44705A’s, (1) 44708A and  (1) 44725A.

You can easily configure an Agilent 3852A data acquisition and control system to meet your needs for measuring physical parameters. The 3852A is set up to handle many different transducer inputs including thermocouples, thermistors, RTDs, and strain gages, as well as being ready to measure dc volts, currents, resistances, pulse counts, frequencies, and more. The 3852A mainframe has eight (8) slots for plug-in function modules, and has provisions for extending the mainframe (the 3853A) for large systems requiring more plug-in cards.

Choose from three digital voltmeters to meet your measurement needs. The voltmeters can be used in the mainframe or the extenders, and multiple voltmeters are allowed in each mainframe. With the 3852A you can choose from a complete set of input and output plug-in modules that provide a variety of measurement and output-controlling capabilities.

The 3852A has built-in, 68000-based intelligence to increase the speed and effectiveness of the system and to collect, analyze, and respond to data. Control decisions are handled quickly using subroutines running within the mainframe (not having to communicate via GPIB to an external computer in every case). This intelligence can be used to return only the most significant data to the computer, increasing its efficiency with other tasks. The power of this front-end intelligence, in combination with an 9000 Series 300 computer and optional data acquisition software, adapts easily to testing your product or characterizing your processes. Or, if you prefer, you may configure your system to run with a PC as the host computer, possibly incorporating the Graphical Programming Language from Agilent VEE.

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High Speed and Accurate Analog in One System
Versatile and Expandable
Built-in, 68000-based intelligence
Maximum channels/system differential: 1848
Maximum channels/system single-ended: 4620
Interfaces: IEEE-488
DCV (range): ± 300V
Maximum measurement speed (readings/second): 100,000
Best resolution (bits): 22
Best accuracy: 0.008 %
Resistance (maximum reading): 3 Mohm
ACV (range): ± 200V
Best resolution (bits): 22
Best accuracy: 0.5 %
Count (maximum frequency): 200kHz
Digital input: isolated
Maximum speed: 230kHz
Analog output DCV (range): ± 10V
Analog output DCI (range): ± 20mA
Maximum internal memory: 4Mbyte (option)
Backplane type: Proprietary backplane

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Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 17 × 23 in

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