HP/Agilent 3561A Dynamic Signal Analyzer, 125µ Hz to 100 kHz

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The 3561A is a low frequency, high performance dual channel dynamic signal analyzer. Displays include a three-dimensional spectral map and time waveforms. The 3561A incorporates a 40 k sample time buffer for later measurements and allows for acoustic measurements with its FFT-synthesized 1/3 and 1/2 octave measurements, together with the built-in analog A-weighted filter.

The analyzer also has a built-in tracking generator for stimulus-response measurements . With built-in waveform math, magnitude and phase measurements are possible. Digital processing is used to provide ultra-narrow resolution bandwidths up to 640uHz. Digital processing also speeds up measurements; a measurement with 1 Hz resolution requires only a 1.5 second sweep.

In addition to spectrum measurements, the 3561A displays time waveforms similar to oscilloscope displays. A 40k sample time buffer captures transients for examination in the time domain or analysis in the frequency domain. The HP 3561A is also an excellent analyzer for acoustic testing.

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Frequency range: 0.000125 Hz to 100 kHz
Resolution: 0.25% of the frequency span
Dynamic range: 80 dB
Amplitude accuracy: ± 0.15 dB
Amplitude range: +27 dBv to -120 dBv
BNC(f) input connectors
1 megohm input impedance
100, 120/220, 240 Vac, +5% -10%, 48-440 Hz operation
Weight: 33 lb; Size: 197 mm (7.8 in)H x 335 mm (13.2 in)W x 595 mm (23.4 in)D

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