HP/Agilent 16950B -016, 4 GHz Timing, 600 MHz State w/ Option 016

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The Agilent 16950B logic analysis module offers industry-leading memory depth and performance for your future digital designs.

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4GHz (250 ps) timing zoom with 64K memory depth
State clock rates up to 667 MHz
Data rates up to 1066 Mb/s
600 MHz / 1.2 GHz (full / half-channel) conventional timing with deep memory
600 MHz transitional timing
Selectable memory depths: 1M (standard),4M, 16M, 32M, or 64M
68 channels per module (combine modules for higher-channel counts)
Comprehensive single-ended and differential threshold support
Automated threshold/sample position for accurate measurements on high-speed buses
 Simultaneous eye diagrams on all channels identifies problem signals quickly

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