HP/Agilent 16533A 1 GSa/s 2-Channel 250 MHz BW Digitizing Oscilloscope Module

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The Agilent 16533A offers the advantages of a full-featured, deep memory, digitizing oscilloscope integrated into your Agilent logic analysis system.

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Use as a Standalone Scope with Many Channels
Capture up to 32K on each of eight analog channels simultaneously (single time base).
Measure slow and fast events with additional oscilloscope modules to create a multiple time base digitizing oscilloscope.
For large channel count measurements, configure as many as 20 scope channels in a single system.
Combine Scope with Other Logic Analysis Modules logic analysis system to capture and display the analog events that affect your digital system.
Save Time with Autoscale, Auto-Measure, Voltage and Time Markers, and Colors.
Find Signal Problems with Flexible Display Modes

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