HP/Agilent 16717A Timing and State Module

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The Agilent 16717A 333 MHz state and 2 GHz timing logic analyzer module offers high performance state and timing analysis features for your future digital designs. It utilizes Agilent’s breakthrough VisiTriggerâ„¢ technology.


2 GHz Timing Zoom
Simultaneously acquire up to 2 GHz timing and 333 MHz state data across all channels through a single connection to your device under test.
Provides superior flexibility in high-speed data capture with a variable sample rate from 250 MHz to 2 GHz, 16K memory depth, and variable placement of Timing Zoom data around the trigger point.
2M of acquisition memory is available on each channel to capture the information you need to link the symptom of a problem with the cause.
Up to 340 2M deep channels simultaneously available.
Each module offers 68 channels with 2M memory depth per channel.
Half channel timing mode provides up to 4M memory depth per channel.
Connect up to five modules together for a 340 channel system.
VisiTrigger™ technology combines new trigger functionality with a user interface that is easy to use and understand — its graphical representation shows you how the trigger condition will be defined.

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