HP/Agilent 16716A Timing and State Module

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The Agilent 16716A, 167 MHz state and 2 GHz timing logic analyzer module, offers high performance state and timing analysis features for your future digital designs.

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2 GHz Timing Zoom
512K of acquisition memory is available on each channel to capture the information you need to link the symptom of a problem with the cause.
Up to 340, 512K deep channels simultaneously
VisiTrigger™ technology combines new trigger functionality with a user interface that is easy to use and understand — its graphical representation shows you how the trigger condition will be defined.
Your most commonly used triggers are just a mouse click away with the built in trigger functions.
Both basic and advanced state and timing trigger functions are available.
Trigger functions can be combined as building blocks to easily customize a trigger for your specific task.
Each step in the sequence contains an “IF-THEN-ELSE” structure that can evaluate up to four logic events.
Each event can specify a combination of actions such as: store sample, increment counters, reset timers, trigger, or go to another step in the trigger sequence.

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