Giga-Tronics 8003 Precision Scalar Analyzer, 10 MHz to 40 GHz

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The Giga-Tronics 8003 Precision Scalar Analyzer measures scalar (magnitude only) properties of microwave components. These properties include insertion characteristics (gain or attenuation) and reflection characteristics (return loss or VSWR). The 8003 offers a 90 dB dynamic range witha linearity of ±0.04 dB in the CW mode and ±0.06 dB in the swept mode.

A unique feature of the 8003 is its ability to make CW power meter-accurate power measurements.

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10 MHz to 40 GHz (Sensor Dependent)
-70 to +30 dBm Power Range (Sensor Dependent)
Dynamic Range: CW 90 dB, Peak 40 dB, AC Sweep 90 dB, DC Sweep 80
Large color display
Built-in sweeper
Non-volatile memory

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