E&I 2200L RF Amplifier, 10 kHz to 12 MHz, 200 Watts

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The E&I 2200L Amplifier is a rugged source of RF power, useful for ultrasonics, laser modulation, RFI/EMI, plasma equipment and general laboratory applications. The 2200L represents E&I’s commitment to providing RF power amplifiers of the highest quality, durability and ruggedness. The 2200L produces 200 Watts of class A linear power output over the entire frequency range from 10 KHz to 12 MHz. It has very low harmonic distortion along with low IMD products. Operation over the band is achieved without the need for any band switching or indeed any adjustments. The power gain is rated at 53 dB with a typical gain flatness of +/- 1.5 dB

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Class A
Frequency Range: 10 kHz to 12 MHz
Rated Power Output: 200 Watts (P1dB)
Saturated Power Output: 10 kHz to 12 MHz > 250 W, 30 kHz to 10 MHz > 300 W.
Gain: 53 dB Nominal
Gain Flatness: +/- 1.5 dB
Weight: 35 lbs (16 Kg)
Size: 5.2 H x 16.5 W x 18.1 D

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Weight 39 lbs