Com-Power CG-520 Comb Generator, 20 MHz – 4.5 GHz, 20 MHz step

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The CG-500 Series Comb Generators are reference signal
sources providing frequency harmonics at preset frequency
intervals. The output signal of the Comb Generator is used
as a conducted or a radiated signal source.
As a conducted signal source, the output is available
directly from the connector. Two antennas are supplied
with the Comb Generator for generating radiated reference
The Comb Generator is powered by a rechargeable internal
battery. Battery power eliminates any possible measurement
variations that can be caused by an external power
cable connection. When fully charged, the battery allows
continuous operation for up to 18 hours. Internal control
and monitoring circuits provide indications of valid output

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The most important application of a Comb Generator,
is trouble shooting Open Area Test Sites (OATS). An
OATS must be completely calibrated before it is put into
service. When the validity of the test data taken at an
OATS is in doubt after it is put into service, it is not
always practical to perform complete site calibration.
The Comb Generator is a quick calibration tool that can
help identify potential problems with the site. For instance,
emission measurements taken from a product at
two different test sites can sometimes vary. It is very
difficult to determine the cause of the variation. Using
the same test setup, measurement can be taken with a
Comb Generator in place of the product at both sites. The
data can be compared to determine if variation is due to
the product or the test site.

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