HP/Agilent 8158B Optical Attenuator

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The HP/Agilent 8158B is a programmable optical attenuator for singlemode and multimode optical fibers with a numerical aperature up to 0.3. Because of the advanced optical system, the attenuation can be easily corrected for other wavelengths in the unit’s range by simple entry of the desired wavelength into the instrument memory. This enables you to match the attenuator exactly to the center wavelengtth of your source, thus ensuring reliable measurement results.

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Designed for single- and multimode fibers with NA <0.3
Full HP-IB programmability
60dB attenuation range
.01dB resolution .04dB typical repeatability
Correction of attenuation between 600-1200nm (Opt. 001) and 1200-1650nm (Opt.002)

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