HP/Agilent 34931A Dual 4×8 Armature Matrix Module

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The HP/Agilent 34931A module for the 34980A Multifunction Switch/Measure Unit gives you the most flexible connection path between your device under test and your test equipment, allowing different instruments to be connected to multiple points on your device under test at the same time. Multiple matrix modules can be combined through the 34980A analog buses to create larger matrices, with up to 512 2-wire cross-points in a single mainframe. Standard 50-pin Dsub connectors allow for use with standard cables, terminal blocks, or mass interconnect solutions.

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Dual 4×8, 8×8, or 4×16 configurations
64 2-wire cross-points
Connections to the internal DMM
Expandable via four 2-wire analog buses
Relay counter
Latching armature relays
300V, 1A switch; 2A carry current

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